Injinji socks are king of the hill

Injinji Toe Socks

I dont know why but running socks are an often overlooked element of a runner’s ensemble. n who runs alot knows the importance of socks for blister prevention. My opinion, is that Injinji socks are the best for preventing blisters. Im not surprised if you never heard of them. Injinji is a runners best kept secret, us runners tend to wanna keep our edge over other runners. Now that the word is out let me describe them a little.Well Injinji socks that basically look like a normal pair of socks, except that they provide individual pockets for each of your toes. Other runners as well have raved about them. personnely, having a background of constant blister problems, I was very excited to try them out when I heard about them.

The first time I put on a pair of Injinji socks, I immediately felt strange. Having such a form-fitting layer of cloth around my toes felt unusual, as was the sensation that my toes were being separated from one another to a greater degree because of the sock material in between them (which is presumably why they’re so good at blister prevention). The first time I tried them on it was a bit awkward, im not gonna lie. They fabric between the toes, was just a little bit unusual. The good news is that you literally forget about them in like 60 seconds. Other then the occasional glance downstairs you normally dont even notice them. Although you will notice the benefits from day one. For example the reduction of skin to skin friction between your toes. Also the superior fabric, injinji doesnt know the meaning of skimpy thin fabrics.

So how do they perform? This is where these bad boys/girls really stand out! It was like some sorta of sock voodoo, my blister problems where gone! Ive tried everything from other specialty socks, powders, and lubricants; they all sucked compared to injinji socks.I’m pleased to report that I have yet to develop a single blister while wearing my Injinji Micro Performance socks on a run, and this includes my two marathon prep 20-milers during this training cycle. I’m so impressed with these guys ive started looking into toe shoes like the Fila Skeletoes. The whole toe concept has taken me by storm.

Injinji socks are more expensive then other socks, but this review site seems to have a cheaper location for them. All in all check out injinji socks you will be glad you did, even if your not a professional runner, you will love them. So lunch ladies out there in lunch lady land wiggle your toes in solute to injinji socks!!